Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weathering in Wisco

Howdy folks!
As most of you know (because I've seen you! yay!) I am safely back in the land of beer and cheese and enjoying every moment of it.  I couldn't believe when I landed it was 80 degrees (of course a few days later it snowed...)

It was a long and mostly uneventful flight, save the man seated next to me who played every conceivable air instrument whilst listening to deafening loud music.  And not even good music.  Beastie Boys and Janet Jackson.  And some other things I asked him to turn down.  Twice.  (Yes, twice.  I paid a lot of money to attempt to sleep in the most uncomfortable position ever.  Bad music is not going to stop me!)  And the crying babies.  But just in the airport, and T to the G not on the plane.  It felt great to finally get in the car for the last stretch home, windows down, (good) music up, and some freshly baked oatmeal cookies baked by my beautiful Mother!  (And btw, they were seriously amazing.  I just might be kind enough to share the recipe with you on the recipe page :-)                     


There was supposed to be a photo of delicious
looking oatmeal cookies here, but I guess
learning how to use the iPhoto program
will come with time and practice...

I've been a busy girl, and couldn't be happier that I've had the opportunity to see so many of the people I know and love over the past week and a half!  I've put a good few miles on the car (oh driving, how I love thee), and a good dent too (I swear not my fault!  I got hit in a parking lot!).  It's nice to be back in the country for awhile - peace, quiet, where one can see the stars and share a good meal outside on April 1st (and it was an April Fool's day I said...a week later - SNOW!)  I've completely neglected any studying and reading I should start doing for the summer and autumn, but have completed some "required" school work by purchasing a brand new MacBook!  (From which I bring you this lovely message!)

There was supposed to another
photo here that I took with my
lovely new MacBook.  I guess
that too, will come in time...

So, in closing, I just want to say, Wisconsin, I do love you.  And although I didn't miss you one iota this winter, I do miss the people you house, and it's so great to be back.  (Now that I've sucked up, can I ask you please to stop pollinating as I seem to have contracted allergies for the first time in my life...k thanks)


  1. Ahhhh, I love Wisconsin. I hope you get a chance to try my two favorite Wisconsin cheeses while you are there! (the fleuri) - put that creamy, dreamy fleuri on a cracker with a locally made shallot confit from

    Fantastic! On Wisconsin!

  2. I can't wait to see your little MacBook! I bet it's nearly as cute as you are, Cook. :)