Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Little Things

It's the little things in life.

 Like screens on windows.  Or knowing which way to look when crossing the street.  (And the existence of stop signs.  And the innate knowledge that the oncoming car WILL stop for you).  Not to mention easy access to macaroni and cheese.

The little things.  That really do make life easy.  That make it routine.  Comfortable.

That resolutely do not exist in the UK.

Okay, I get that mac and cheese isn't a gourmet delicacy spread to new worlds with great pomp and circumstance.  I understand that Britain had roads, and things driving on them, whether motorised or not, long before the US was even a country.  I give in and I give up on those.  (And with spelling.  See above "motorised".  And with word choice.  I can only take asking for a "roundtrip" bus ticket so many times only to be reprimanded with "it's return ticket here miss")

But seriously.  No window screens?  It begs a simple question -- WHY?  Do you like flies and spiders and centipedes and all likes of creepy crawlies having unabated access to your homes?  Do you prefer that it makes it that much easier for someone to rob you blind should you forget to close a window?  And people, the windows are open.  It's summer.  Air conditioning is about as prevalent as window screens and I have one word for you - humidity.

But cheers to a sunny day in the UK.  But I do ask, politely, but yet again, for the men to put their shirts back on.  And for the women to do the same.


  1. Cook,
    Funy post. You should put some screen on your windows and see what happens. If the Brits catch on, you could get rich!

  2. I think you are assuming way too much. For example- we have already had our allocation of hot days this summer...there is no need for screens, as freezing temperatures will return next week.
    You are also assuming that all of those 'creepy crawlies' can kill you. But here they can't.

  3. But just because a creepy crawlie can't kill you doesn't mean you have to put up with it!

  4. I am going to kiss all my window screens today for you!

  5. @Emily - they're mega-expensive over here! So weird!
    @Karen-Empty Nest - EXACTLY! Spiders. Blech.
    @Karen-FrenchSkinny - Please do!!! I miss them dearly! :-)